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Shanghai BeautyValley Law firm has carried out practical exchanges and cooperation in legal education with Shanghai Business School for more than two years. Every year, BeautyValley Law firm provides an internship base for students of Shanghai Business School and achieves good results. Three students named Zhu Xiaoyuan, Sun Yan and Peng Yuting joined this intership activity. BeautyValley Law firm put its heart into strict management of interns,such as strict attendance during internship, arrangement of daily work, implementation of internship summary and other systems, so that students learn to think and sum up in practice, the internship effect is remarkable, the students said that they benefited a lot.


The things in the world are better known by those who hear them than by those who see them. We are moving from 2020 to 2021, a new environment, a new experience, a new understanding, and the new understanding is based on real practice. Our work during the internship is as follows:
(1) Collating and binding case files
Collating and binding case files this is a required course, case files are the most convenient way to contact legal affairs. When we read the files, the theoretical knowledge in the textbooks is turned into real cases on the paper, which makes us stand on the shoulders of giants and more in awe of the law by studying the ideas of lawyers. In sorting out the files, we sort and arrange the types and orders of the documents. We practice this basic skill, which greatly cultivates our patience and enables us to calm down and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of law, we went from being clumsy to finding the skills to do the job safely and skillfully.

(2) Writing legal documents
Legal documents reflect a lawyer’s legal background, written expression ability and logical thinking ability. Under the instruction and guidance of the lawyer Xiang, we tried to write the legal opinion, the defense, and so on. Due to our lack of knowledge, we realized our shortcomings. In the following study, we will make up our professional knowledge in a targeted and focused way, keep improving step by step.

(3)Retrieving case information and familiarizing ourselves with office software
The scope of the law has no boundary, and in the Endless Ocean of law, it is a skill and a necessary way to retrieve the information of the case you need. Whether it is to check information or write documents, are inseparable from office software, although simple, but only skilled use, they can play the greatest role. In the process of retrieving case information, we cannot grasp the key point to summarize the key words, and gradually improve the efficiency and quality of work.

(4)Integrate into the environment and communicate with each other
As new interns, we are deeply warmed by the extended family of Shanghai BeautyValley Firm, the lawyers and the ladies, the aunts and a little sister, XiaoHei(MOTHER DOG) and her children(BABY DOGS). We are full of love and regret for Shanghai BeautyValley Firm, where there are brainstorming before work, careful guidance at work, laughter after dinner, and warm wishes when we leave, there is the rest of the little black mobilization... here to feel the warmth and warmth, but also learned as a lawyer should have what kind of quality, calm, calm, up-to-date, perceptive, lovely, gentle, flexible, careful and down-to-earth, quick-witted, witty, hands-on, responsible... stepping into the valley, as if to see the future, we learn the way lawyers work, do simple tasks, worship, aspire to, and hope that one day can be like them alone.

Thanks to every lawyer for his/her careful guidance over the past three weeks, it has been an honor to spend time with all of BeautyValley Firm’s colleagues. For us, it is hoped that we can draw on the strength of these role models, and that we can be as ambitious and open-minded as Shanghai BeautyValley Firm; for Shanghai BeautyValley Firm, it is hoped that we will be able to settle disputes and enjoy a high reputation in the new year.
한 점에서부터 착실하고 열심히 공부하면 마치 건축물에 벽돌을 쌓고 궁전을 짓는 것과 같다.률소 팀들과의 학습과 사업과정에서 우리는 법학에 대한 무한한 필요성을 깊이 느끼게 되였다.어느 사건에서나 작은 문제 하나쯤은 깊이 파고들 수 있고, 비슷하다고 생각할 때는 더욱 깊을 수 있다. (워런 버핏, 생각명언)때문에 우리는 이른바 개업 전 2년에 될수록 많은 류형의 사건을 학습하고 접촉해야 한다고 하여 꼭 금과옥조가 아니며 자신에게 알맞는 방향을 찾고 전문 연구하며 정력을 노력하여 잘할수 있는 일에 집중하면 왕왕 적은 노력으로 곱절 효과를 볼수 있다고 생각한다.


A good horse knows that there is a long way to march, and there is no need to whip up his feet. In such an era, we are very lucky to come to Shanghai to study in BeautyValley Law Firm. We believe that even under the background of slightly mediocre undergraduate qualifications, we can fairly become as good as lawyers through down-to-earth efforts. Thanks to this era, we interns from SBS come on!

Through this internship, the students came into contact with the workplace for the first time and gained a deeper understanding of lawyers and firms. Internship is a transformation of growth in the course of life, and it is an important transitional stage from campus to society.BeautyValley also hopes that students can continue to keep naive smiles and face every challenge in life. Sincerely WE wish the students, do not forget the original ideal and ambition, study hard, FIGHTING FOR a wonderful legal road!


竺小缘: 广西梧州人,上海商学院法学18级学生,曾任两年校团委创新创业部干事、体育教研室助理,现任校勤助部门部长。连续两年获得专业Top1,先后荣获上海市奖学金、多次获得校综合奖学金一等奖、二等奖,积极参加学科竞赛,获得过上海市第二届大学生法律案例分析大赛三等奖、荣获上海市大学生“我与宪法”短视频大赛二等奖和三等奖、文法学院法学系第二届法律职业能力竞赛特等奖。同时积极参加课外活动,是两项国家专利的第一发明人,创新创业训练计划国家级项目课题负责人,世界移动大会优秀志愿者,上海商学院三好学生……



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