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     The jade mouse resigned from the old year, and golden cow reported the good news.On January 1, 2021, the intellectual property Professional Committee of Shanghai BeautyValley Law Firm was awarded the "Shanghai Science and Technology Brokerage (intermediary) Service Organization Certificate", which got a good start in the year of the Ox.


     This certificate shows that the intellectual property professional committee of BeautyValley Law Firm has the professional ability of science and technology brokerage (intermediary) service after the professional evaluation organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Brokerage Professional Committee, which is the affirmation of the professional ability of our precise legal service.

     In addition, BautyValley Law firm have received the membership card of Shanghai Technology transfer Association. Those who obey the law are strong, the country is strong; those who disobey the law are weak, the country is weak. WE will always implement the purpose of "acting with lofty aspirations and keeping an open mind", dedicate wholeheartedly to the construction of the rule of law in the country, contribute wisdom and efforts to social fairness and justice, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients wholeheartedly.

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