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On the morning of July 21, 2020, Liu Li, director of the Management committee of Beijing Zhongwen Law firm (Shanghai),together with Zhang Yufeng, executive director, visited Shanghai BeautyValley Law firm for exchange. They received warm welcome by Tang Jia, director of Shanghai BeautyValley Law firm, Xiang Fangliang, executive director, Bu Yan, senior consultant, and Shen Chenyan, executive director of Shanghai BeautyValley Law firm.


     First of all, Director Tang Jia, extended a warm welcome to Director Liu and her entourage. Lawyer Xiang introduced BeautyValley Law firm from the point of view of firm scale, development evolution, professional expertise, strategic layout and so on. Director Liu and Tang both stressed that they will comprehensively strengthen inter-institute cooperation, seek strategic upgrading and carry out rich forms of cooperation, so as to enhance friendship and achieve win-win results between the two sides.

     Then, accompanied by Director Tang, lawyer Liu and lawyer Zhang visited  BeautyValley Law firm and exchanged views with senior partners, lawyer Gu Yue and lawyer Chen Gaoqian.BeautyValley Law firm has always highly cherished exchanges and cooperation between the law offices. Director Tang Jia stressed that development should not be done behind closed doors and complacent. It should be inclusive and equitable . BeautyValley Law firm firmly believes that the future has come, and only by working side by side with like-minded colleagues can we create a brilliant tomorrow!
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